AltRider Lexan Headlight Guard Lens | BMW R 1200 GSW

  • $121.46

AltRider Lexan Headlight Guard Lens | BMW R 1200 GSW

Note: This product includes the polycarbonate headlight guard lens only. For the entire kit with mounting brackets, please see select polycarbonate kit from the dropdown.

AltRider's polycarbonate headlight guard for the R 1200 GSW features a resilient face that's precision cut from the same material used in bullet-proof windows. This polycarbonate is formulated with a hardened scratch and impact resistant surface both front and rear. The face attaches to the stainless steel frame with a custom machined aluminum ball and rubber socket connection that provides a sturdy connection free of any vibration. These innovative fasteners make removal of the guard for cleaning a cinch – no tools required. The polycarbonate guard is also interchangeable with all versions of the AltRider headlight guard.

  • All AltRider products are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Polycarbonate lens only
  • Polycarbonate face resistant to impacts and is specially treated to harden the surface to resist scratches
  • Custom machined ball and socket connection allow removal of face without any tools
  • Interchangeable with all versions of the AltRider headlight guard
  • Compatible with halogen and LED headlight

NOTE: Polycarbonate will react to certain chemicals and requires specific care to clean correctly and keep looking good for the long haul. Cleaning improperly can result in scratches, hazing, surface crazing and cracking. See our blog post on proper cleaning of our polycarbonate headlight guards.

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