Altrider Polycarbonate Headlight Guard | Triumph Tiger 800XC

  • $209.21

The Triumph Tiger 800 has earned a well-deserved reputation for its capability on the road and off. Protect the vulnerable headlight from damage with a polycarbonate headlight guard from AltRider.

Constructed from the same material as bullet-proof windows, this guard prevents rocks and other debris from damaging your $300 headlight. The dual polycarbonate lenses are specially treated to harden the surface against impacts and scratches. A robust stainless steel frame anchors the lenses -- making for a solid foundation that can take a real hit. 

The headlight guard is mounted via custom machined aluminum ball studs and rubber sockets. This design provides a sturdy mount while eliminating all vibrations. Installation of the guard is simple -- replace the 4 screws around the headlight housing with the ball studs and pop the headlight guard in place. Removal for cleaning takes only seconds, and this design is also completely interchangeable with the stainless steel headlight guard. The headlight guard is available in brushed stainless and powder coat black finish. The headlight guard is compatible with all Tiger 800 models.

  • All AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Polycarbonate face protects headlight without blocking light
  • Ball and socket connectors allow removal of face without any tools
  • Polycarbonate headlight guard interchangeable with stainless steel headlight guard
  • Available in brushed stainless and powder coat black finish
  • Compatible with all Tiger 800 models

NOTE: Polycarbonate will react to certain chemicals and requires specific care to clean correctly and keep looking good for the long haul. Cleaning improperly can result in scratches, hazing, surface crazing and cracking. See our blog post on proper cleaning of our polycarbonate headlight guards.