3D Racing Enduro Mousse Tube

3D Racing Enduro Mousse Tube

  • $149.77

3D Racing Enduromousses are airless inner-tubes for Off-road Enduro and MX racing.  3D Racing developed these Mousses due to a demand and understanding that lower pressures and longer wear is required by the racers when using these products.

3D Racing mousses are lighter than a heavy duty tube and run around a 9psi equivalent to traditional air tubes. Lower pressures means more traction!

Our Enduromousses also allow the use of Lighter Carcass off-road tires that have been produced by the top tire manufactures especially for Mousse tube use. Overall a lighter wheel setup can be achieved while running lower pressures without the risk of punctures.

3D Racing Enduromousses do not require a “run-in” period and are ready to ride right out of the box.

The proprietary material of the 3D Racing mousses ensure a long lifespan and excellent feel!


  • Front: 90/90-21 (also fits 100/80-21 and 80/100-21)
  • Rear: 120/90-18 (also fits 110/100-18)

Included with each Enduromousse:

  • Silicone lube
  • Fitting instructions

Please Note:

  • For off-road use only
  • Max recommended speed 135kph. (83MPH)