Highmark by Snowpulse Pro 3.0 Airbag

  • $1,059.00

Highmark by Snowpulse Pro 3.0 Airbag

The Highmark by Snowpulse PRO is the most popular avalanche airbag used by snowmobile professionals, including Brett Turcotte, Cory Davis and Chris Brown. Utilizing the famous Snowpulse Protection Airbag System (PAS) from Mammut (formerly the “Lifebag” system), the horseshoe-shaped avalanche airbag makes the 22L Highmark PRO the safest avalanche pack available for sledders.

The original in Truama protection. For 5 years running the Highmark PRO has been the #1 pack work by snowmobile professionals in North America. For the 2018 collection this pack has been completely redesigned resulting in a pack which is lighter and better. The new pack is over a pound lighter than its predecessor and has significant changes including the Snowpulse inflation 3.0 system and greatly improved fit resulting in the best PRO ever.

  • Volume: 22L
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs
  • Airbag System: Protection Airbag System (PAS)
  • Probe Storage: Interior Probe Sleeve
  • Shovel Storage: Exterior Handle Holder, Exterior Blade Sleeve
  • Additional Pockets: Front Pocket, Avalanche Safety Pocket, Main Stow, Left hip pocket
  • Goggle Pocket: Fleece-lined, oversized pocket
  • Adjustable frame and hip belt
Special Order: This item needs to be ordered and may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

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