The future of knee support changed the day POD® created Human Motion™, a revolutionary polymer hinge system with Synthetic Ligaments™ that moves so naturally it won't feel like you are wearing a brace.

This breakthrough technology combined with a relentless commitment to research and development in the world's toughest sport, motocross, enabled us to develop the K-Series range of modular off-the-shelf knee braces. Innovative, sleek, lightweight and easily adapted across all modern sports.

With POD you can personalize your Protection™.

Trusted by elite athletes, POD® braces are proven to reduce the risk and severity of ligament injuries in action sports by providing Protection On Demand without compromising performance.

Indications for Use

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotational and combined instabilities
  • Athletes of all skill levels and intensities
  • Low to high contact / impact activities


  • Protects against hyperextension
  • Provides stability (collateral stabilization)
  • Defined range of motion
  • Relieves fatigue

Medical Grade

  • POD products are Class 1 medical devices

Health Insurance

  • POD products may be reimbursed under some health insurance policies