PR2 Racing Vortex X10 Snow Bike ECU

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PR2 Racing Vortex X10 Snow Bike ECU

PR2s goal is to simply get our bikes to perform at the most potential possible in OEM form. We have all thrown a lot of money at big bore kits, exhaust systems,programmers, tuners, nitrous, turbo's etc... to get a little "more" out of our bikes. We all recognize that our bikes run and perform fair at best and PR2 Racing has identified the causes of our issues in the snow and cold temperatures. The intake runner, the distance from the injector to the intake valve, is very short and combined with low temperatures causes a severe lack or loss of atomization of the fuel, equaling poor fuel burn and performance. Also, "wet" non atomized fuel on the piston finds its way past the rings and into the crank case. 

What does the PR2 Racing Snow Bike specific ECU accomplish?

  • To get the most potential out of that 58HP engine by having a tune that is optimum for our conditions. That is 4 or 5 hp more than we currently have!
  • Eliminating the "cold mode", extra fuel from the stock ECU that happens when water temps are below 160F. Preset by your manufacturer.
  • Providing precise fuel delivery to maintain the optimum in performance with a 12.8 AFR at ALL altitudes and temperatures. (This is accomplished by the ECU taking samples of manifold absolute pressure while riding) No tuner or programmer required.
  • Ignition timing for optimum performance at the elevations we ride. Timing advancement for elevation is a big performance boost.
  • Precise TPS calibration that is automatic and takes only seconds by you, the owner. 

The end result is a bike that performs at its maximum potential without the time and expense of mods and accessories to "compensate" for technical issues.